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Let your neighborhood CORT location be your destination for furniture rental and affordable, gently used furniture for purchase.

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Planning a move and looking for a convenient way to get affordable home and office furniture? CORT furniture rental couples quality with exceptional service to provide only the best! And with discounts on previously leased furniture at CORT, you can enjoy high-end pieces for less. Explore CORT at 8925 Lyndale Avenue South, your neighborhood location.

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When perusing a local Rental Showroom, buying from one of our Clearance Centers, or discovering CORT services online transcends every facet of the CORT brand. From home and office furniture to gently used CORT Certified pieces, CORT furnishings are always high quality and cost effective. You can create the home or office you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank or settling for pieces of lesser value. Make a trip to our location nearest you and discover the difference CORT can make!