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Individuals involved in a relocation, traveling long-distance on temporary assignment, moving off-campus in college or traveling from place to place in the military are all facing the same thing – a life in transition.

Save with Discounts on Move-In Ready™ furniture rental packages

In times of transition, we all need a place to call home. Thanks to CORT, you can make any place, anywhere feel like home. Take advantage of our money-saving specials on furniture rental packages today.

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Peace of Mind During Your Solo Move to LaVergne

Whether you're starting a new job, creating a fresh start in a new place, or moving out of your parent’s house, moving to a new city alone can be intimidating. Looking for the right temporary housing options in LaVergne, setting up essential home furnishings, and settling into a brand new routine is enough to make your head spin — not to mention the courage you need when moving to a new city alone. Let CORT take one thing off your mind with a custom furniture subscription. Rent furniture for your entire home so you don’t have to worry about loading up a moving truck rental or worse: buying new furniture for a temporary place. Choose the furniture you need, set up lease terms that work for you, and enjoy the comfort of a fully furnished home right from the start. Shop our selection online to create your custom furniture rental package, or visit your LaVergne, TN CORT Furniture Rental.

Moving Closer to Your Significant Other

Luxurious living room with brick accent wall and leather sofa rented from CORT Furniture Rental. If you're moving to LaVergne to be closer to your partner, handling the logistics of a temporary move can be tricky. Moving for love to LaVergne is a major milestone in your relationship, and it's important to focus on what matters: your partner. Make your temporary move to LaVergne easy and worry-free with modern furniture rental service from CORT. When you've found the right short-term housing location, furnish every room with CORT’s services. All you need to do is pick the best package for your temporary living space, then relax — CORT will take care of the rest! From setup to pick-up, CORT delivers quality furniture that you can enjoy for as long as you need it. When you're ready to put down roots in LaVergne, you have the flexibility to extend or end your furniture subscription service. Moving for a relationship to LaVergne doesn’t have to be complicated — CORT can help!

How to Make Temporary Housing Work While Building a New Home

Whether you're building a new house or doing a significant renovation in your current place, home construction projects can make it nearly impossible to maintain your daily routine. Finding temporary housing options in LaVergne, TN can help make the interruption feel a little more seamless. To make your short-term housing feel more like home, visit CORT Furniture Rental in LaVergne. It couldn't be easier to furnish a temporary place — fast! The biggest perk? Your furniture rental is totally flexible. You can pick a lease term length that fits your timeline, but you always have the option to extend it in case your construction project takes more time than you expected. Moving into temporary housing while building a new home? Make life as comfortable as possible with furniture you’ll love. Customize the perfect LaVergne furniture rental package for your temporary place with CORT!

Try Out the LaVergne Retirement Lifestyle

Ready to settle in after retirement, but not sure where to go? To help you decide which city will be the best fit, try a short-term stay in LaVergne. You'll get a glimpse of what kind of retirement lifestyle LaVergne could provide. With temporary housing options in LaVergne, you can give this beautiful city a trial run. There's no need to haul all your furniture and belongings for your short-term move to LaVergne. Instead, turn to CORT for furniture rental. Shop whole-home furniture subscription packages to furnish your short-term rental in no time, or pick your favorite individual pieces to make your space functional and beautiful. Don't forget to add much-needed extras to your package, like bathroom essentials, kitchen appliances, and laundry accessories. No matter what you need for your temporary apartment or house, let CORT do the heavy lifting with furniture delivery and setup. Give retirement in LaVergne a try with help from CORT Furniture Rental.

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