Furniture Rental When Relocating to Washington, DC

Washington, DC

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Individuals involved in a relocation, traveling long-distance on temporary assignment, moving off-campus in college or traveling from place to place in the military are all facing the same thing – a life in transition.

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In times of transition, we all need a place to call home. Thanks to CORT, you can make any place, anywhere feel like home. Take advantage of our money-saving specials on furniture rental packages today.

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Temporary Work Relocation to Washington? Rent Furniture from CORT!

Your job doesn’t tie you down to one location, and neither should your furniture. Whether you’re relocating as a traveling physician, taking a temporary assignment for your corporate role, or exploring a nursing job in Washington, DC, CORT can make your move a little easier. Creating a place to call home in your new city doesn’t have to be a headache, and our furniture rental subscription makes it easy to fully furnish your space before you even arrive. With everything from outdoor furniture to décor rental, CORT makes moving for your temporary assignment in Washington feel a little easier, so you can devote your time and energy to the reason you’re moving in the first place.

Furniture Rental When Getting Transferred at Work to Washington

Upscale living room furniture in a modern downtown apartment. Was the announcement of your new work assignment a shock or predictable? Either way, you’ve just received the news: you’re getting transferred at work. Wondering how to transfer jobs to another city with less hassle? Whether you’re moving an hour away or across several state lines for your relocation to Washington, DC, you can easily furnish your corporate apartment or military rental with CORT Furniture Rental. With a wide selection of furniture styles and the ability to build a custom furniture subscription, CORT can help you turn an empty space into a move-in ready apartment in Washington. Whether you need to furnish a single room or an entire home for your family, [content-text-2-8] Whether you’re renting an apartment or a single-family home, we can deliver and set up your furniture when you move to Washington — often within 48 hours of creating your furniture subscription. CORT has the selection and service you need to make military rentals, corporate apartments, and temporary housing locations into your ideal home.

Temporary Furniture When Moving for an Internship to Washington

Exploring new career opportunities is a great idea, but moving for an internship or new job can be daunting. If you’re relocating to Washington, DC to take an internship, a travel nursing job, or a temporary assignment with your company, don’t stress over the cost of moving and storage. When making a short-term move to Washington, it’s not worth your time and energy moving your furniture — simply rent furniture in your new city instead! Rent a dining room table, a TV, or an entire home’s worth of furniture when you choose CORT. When it comes to moving for an internship, you should be focused on your new job, not figuring out how to move your belongings to your temporary housing. CORT is your partner in furniture. We deliver and set up furniture from your subscription package and pick it up when you no longer need it — no heavy lifting needed from you!

Washington Move-in Ready Apartment with CORT Corporate Furniture Rental

You take work trips to Washington often for your job, and living out of a suitcase is no longer sustainable. Is it time to consider staying in a corporate apartment? With Washington, DC corporate moving packages from CORT, you can create a corporate apartment that has the essentials and feels a little more like home. Not sure how long you'll have a corporate apartment? No worries. CORT's corporate furniture rental in Washington is flexible, with lease terms that you can set and change anytime. Browse corporate moving packages and get the job done right with easy corporate furniture rental in Washington, DC.

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