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CORT Rental Showrooms and Clearance Centers offer quality furniture rental or gently used furniture, paired with exceptional customer service.

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Want special value and customer care while finding fashionable furniture? CORT's Rental Showrooms and Clearance Centers have everything you need. Visit one of our Rental Showrooms to browse furniture rentals in Oklahoma with affordable packages. And at our Clearance Centers, purchase previously leased furniture and additional home and office items.

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Student Packages

Student furniture rental packages for only $119/month


Packages for military families looking to feel more at home


Move into a furnished home with CORT’s furniture rental service

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Save up to 70% on retail prices by shopping with CORT Clearance

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Learn about our gently used furniture's CORT Certified standard

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Why shop with CORT Rental Showrooms or Clearance Centers? CORT realizes that life often changes unexpectedly - your furniture should be able to adjust! That's why we offer furniture solutions for servicemembers and their families, college students, and anyone else that needs a hand. Whether you need a temporary furniture rental in Oklahoma or want to decorate your house with gently used furniture, CORT can help. Meet with one of our Oklahoma CORT team members today to get started with your new furniture solution.