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Individuals involved in a relocation, traveling long-distance on temporary assignment, moving off-campus in college or traveling from place to place in the military are all facing the same thing – a life in transition.

Save with Discounts on Move-In Ready™ furniture rental packages

In times of transition, we all need a place to call home. Thanks to CORT, you can make any place, anywhere feel like home. Take advantage of our money-saving specials on furniture rental packages today.

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How to Move to Brookfield, WI | Setting Up Your Home

You’re starting fresh in Brookfield, and you want to hit the ground running in your new community. First, you need to make your home into a comfortable place to land for yourself and your family. With CORT, you don’t have to worry about packing, moving, and assembling furniture. Instead you can rent furniture items individually or in Move-In Ready™ packages, and have it delivered and assembled when you move into your new space. With CORT’s modern furniture rental selection, you have the freedom to add your style to your new home in Brookfield with stylish, functional furniture and decor you’ll love. Only need to rent living room furniture in Brookfield? We’ve got you covered with furniture rental delivery, assembly, and pick-up. Need to rent a bed and mattress to make your new home’s extra bedroom cozy? CORT can help with that, too. Looking for whole-home furniture rental services? Look no further. Browse Move-In Ready™ furniture packages today, and enjoy Brookfield with the convenience of furniture and decor rentals.

Moving to Wisconsin Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Contemporary downtown apartment furnished with CORT furniture rental. Hiring interstate movers. Towing the contents of an entire house across state lines! Spending days unloading it at your new home. Moving the hard way is always an option. But what if you could move to Wisconsin without the stress? Skip the headache of interstate moving and storage when you rent furniture from CORT. Instead of moving furniture out of state, let CORT deliver your furniture when you arrive at your new Brookfield home. Relocating is challenging as it is — don’t add hefty fees for interstate moving and storage to your costs! Rent furniture in Brookfield, WI by the room, package, or item! Now that’s the best way to move to Brookfield, WI

Skip to the Good Part of Life in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Maybe you’re moving to be closer to family, or maybe you’ve accepted a new job. Perhaps you’re moving on from a relationship, and moving to Brookfield feels like the ideal way to kickstart your new life. Or, maybe you’re taking a leap of faith and moving to Brookfield for a major career shift. Regardless of why you’re moving, you want to spend your first few weeks after moving to Brookfield getting acquainted with your new hood, and connecting with people in your community — not worrying about furnishing your home. Life changes can be both difficult and wonderful, particularly if you’re moving due to a relationship or work change. Make moving easier and unburden yourself of moving stress when you choose a furniture rental subscription from CORT. After all, you’re not moving to Brookfield to stay cooped up unpacking!

Relocating with Kids to Brookfield | Turning Your House in Brookfield Into a Home

Relocating to Brookfield by yourself is one thing, but moving with kids or your partner is another! But how can you help your whole squad feel at home in a new city? Renting furniture from CORT can make your new house in Brookfield feel cozy. From outdoor furniture rental for your resident nature-lover to dinnerware and kitchen appliance rentals for the amateur chef, CORT can help you make space for everyone within your new Brookfield home. Whether you’re moving with kids, helping elderly parents relocate, or moving as a couple, Renting furniture can help you create a move-in ready, beautiful home for your new start in Brookfield, WI.

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